Parentmail and +Pay

 Attention all parents!

Communicating with you is an important part of what we do, making sure you get the correct information about activities, events and school news that really matters is something we care about.

As you know, the school uses ParentMail, a service used by over 6,000 schools, nurseries and children’s clubs to communicate to parents.

To log in to your ParentMail feed click here.

We’d like to encourage all parents to download the APP as there are a number of benefits both to you and the school:
  • You don’t need to login to pick up messages or attachments when you use the App.
  • The App stores all the messages we send you in one place.
  • Make online payments– or receive reminders.
  • Report your child's absence.
  • Every message sent arrives as an instant alert on your mobile.
  • You help save us money!

  • We would like to encourage all parents to download the App for free from either:

    Apple APP store

    Google Play Store



You will be able to see 'Payments' as an option in your parent feed on either your computer or through the ParentMail App.

If you have a notification, it means we have invited you to pay for something, or have notified you of a new payment item which is now available for you to buy or pre-order.

Once in Payments, you will be able to view items “To Pay” or visit the “Shop”.

In “To Pay” you will be able to view items which you are due to pay. Items here are divided into the following sections:

  • Overdue Items: These are items for which payment or an instalment is overdue
  • Upcoming Items: These are items for which the due date is approaching Part
  • Paid Items: These are items for which a partial payment or subsidy has already been made.

In “Shop” you will be able to view items which we have set up as available payment items, which you can buy at any time. Please remember that the items in 'Shop' are optional items.

Once you have found an item you want to purchase, simply click on it, and go through the options – such as quantity, size, colour etc. You can then choose to ‘Add to Basket’ and continue shopping, or click ‘Pay Now’ to check out straight away. You can view your basket at any time by clicking the basket icon in the top right hand corner. This will display all the items that you have added so far.

To make a payment, go to the Checkout screen where you will see a summary of the items you are buying, and available payment options. Please be aware, these payment options are decided by your school.

Choose your selected method of payment, then click confirm payment. You will then need to enter your payment details as you would with any online purchase.

If you are still able to see the trip in ‘To Pay’, you will still be able to make the payment. If you are concerned, please contact the school office.
Please make sure you are looking in the “Shop” tab to view available payment items. If you still can’t see the item you are looking for, please contact the school office. It may be that the payment items is only available for specific users only, or for a specific ‘purchase window’.


We may send you permission slips, data collection, surveys, sports clubs order forms or any other offers the school may have.

If you have been sent a form, you will receive a notification within your ParentMail account next to “Forms”. To view it, simply click Forms.

You can complete a form on your computer, tablet, smartphone or through the free ParentMail App. Simply open the form, complete the answers by either typing in a text answer or selecting a tick box to show your answer.

Once you have completed the form you may need to enter your password if required by the school. This will act as your digital signature (authorisation). Click submit to send the form back to us.

When we set up a form, we will put an expiry date on it. Once you have completed your form, you will be able to view it up until the expiry date has passed. After this date, you will no longer be able to view the form. If you are unsure of how you answered, you can contact the school office and we will be able to tell you your response.

We can select who we send forms to, so it may be that they have only chosen a certain class, or group. However, if you feel you have not received a form that you should have, please contact the school office.