Make a Noise is a programme that gives schools tools to make it easier for children to speak-up about bullying. Tootoot have partnered with Internet Matters to provide students, parents and teachers with a combined resource hub and reporting platform, supported by the Department for Education.

Make a Noise allows pupils to have a confidential conversation with staff within school. We’re encouraging our pupils to use Make a Noise to talk about any concerns they may have. It could be cyberbullying, bullying, mental health concerns or worries about upcoming exams – there is nothing too big or too small for Make a Noise.

Make a Noise is available for pupils to use 24/7 across all devices, including computers and mobile phones. Please note, that you may only receive responses during school hours.

For pupils wishing to access tootoot please click

For parents or carers who wish to find out more about the Make a Noise programme you can speak with Mrs Mason or visit