• 6LP - Mrs Pope
  • 6NP - Mr Patadia
  • 6DM - Mrs Maran

Head of Year 6 - Ms Pope

Teaching Assistants

  • Miss Hogge
  • Miss Poultney
  • Mrs Shanka

Pupil Links

Year 6 Curriculum


  • Every Thursday, children will receive spellings to learn, and pages to complete from their CGP books (both in Maths and English).
  • They may also receive additional Maths homework on Wednesdays, which will be due in the following Tuesday.
  • Reading forms part of the homework and we encourage your child to read daily for 20 minutes at home.

Your child will need their kit on:

  • 6LP - Thursdays
  • 6NP - Thursdays
  • 6DM - Thursdays

 This term Year 6 are learning:

Maths Prompt sheets