Kenmore Park Junior School follows the full National Curriculum which was revised in 2013. Parents can find the full document using this link KS2 National Curriculum.

School Visits

We aim to provide a variety of cultural and learning experiences within school through visiting artists, organisations and community groups. In addition, educational visits to places of interest are arranged to add a stimulating aspect to a topic taught in class. Pupils in Year 6 have the opportunity during the Spring/Summer Term to go on a residential visit.

Physical Education

Throughout the PE curriculum we aim to increase children’s awareness of personal health and safety and to foster an enjoyment of physical activity. We encourage a positive attitude to co-operation and where applicable, competitive sport.

Although the school has no field of its own, the children participate in a wide range of PE activities and team games. From time to time specialist coaches work alongside teachers to increase children’s expertise. There is also an indoor programme of gymnastics and dance.

Year 5 go swimming for one session each week for a term.

We keep children informed of the range of out of school activities through our PE noticeboard and by distributing and publicising information sent in to the school by outside organisations. In addition we participate in fund raising activities, e.g. BBC Children in Need, Sport Relief.


The school follows all homework guidance set by the DfE. Most children enjoy getting a small amount of homework and we ask parents to co-operate with us in making sure that any homework set is completed and returned to school on time. You will receive guidelines, and a homework contract to sign, when your child starts at the school.

All children are encouraged to read at home on a regular basis.

Clubs and Activites

The school offers a range of clubs and out of school activities dependent on the availability of staff. Activities have included choir, orchestra, band, drama, ICT, football, dodgeball, Multi-Sports and Karate. Some of these clubs take place after school or during the lunch hour.

Reports and Parents’ Meetings

There will be an opportunity for parents to meet their child’s teacher early in the Autumn Term to assess the way in which their child has settled in to class. An open day/evening is held in the Spring Term when parents have a chance to look at their child’s books and discuss progress. In the Summer Term, parents will be given a written report on their child’s progress and achievements. This report can be discussed with teachers at an open evening.

All parents are welcome to discuss their child’s progress with the class teacher or the Headteacher at a mutually convenient time. It is advisable to call or write to arrange such a meeting as staff are often busy with clubs.