Healthy Eating

We are trying to encourage all our pupils to be as healthy as possible and are asking for your support – perhaps a New Year’s Resolution to add that extra push.

The school receives some worrying news about the overall health of our pupils – there is a rather high level of obesity amongst our children and increasingly, poor dental health – please come and see us; the data for our pupils is a huge concern. The good news is that the solution is fairly simple, and low cost – home-made lunches are often cheaper than food bought from shops.

Lets be healthy

Thank you to all our parents for supporting the efforts to ensure pupils have a healthy lunch and life choices. A lot of research indicates a wide variety of benefits of healthy choices. Please avoid crisps, cakes, sweets and other high sugar foods. Home-made lunch with fruit, veg, unsweetened yoghurt, and juice, etc., are best.

Nut Allergies

Urgent Allergy request. We also have pupils with a high level of allergy against nuts. Please could we ask parents not to include any food/ingredients with nuts in them as the medical consequences are severe. Thank you.