Music Tuition

Music has always been seen as a strength of Kenmore Park Junior.

The school employs a music teacher who oversees all of the music provision throughout the school. She takes each class for one music lesson per week, helps to organise music for assemblies, oversees all of the visiting music peripatetic staff and liaises with Harrow so that our children can join in borough wide events.

Over 100 pupils currently learn an instrument through the schools and its range of visiting music teachers. At present these include, strings, woodwind, brass, Indian music, (Harmonium and table), and percussion. The children learn in small groups, (no larger than 4 pupils at a time) and the lessons are very heavily subsidised by the school. The current cost is £50 per term per child. The school also has a range of instruments which pupils can hire if they do not have their own. The visiting teachers are supervised by Harrow Music Service.

Year 4 children also take part in a programme designed to encourage them to play instruments. Last year every child in Year 4 started to play either a clarinet or trumpet in the b flat project. This year current Year 4 are taking part in an Irish music programme where child are exposed to either the violin or recorder.

There are a variety of music clubs in the school including recorder groups, choirs and an orchestra. The children all have the opportunity to play in a variety of concerts at school or Harrow events. The choir often gets asked to sing at old people’s homes and churches around Christmas time.

The children really enjoy making music at school and are very enthusiastic about the opportunities provided.

Moorhouse Road
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Headteacher: Mr M Baumring