Recipe for Change

We believe that socialising at mealtimes is an important way for young people to make new friends, to improve their communication skills and to develop good table manners.

Within a school environment, an unstructured lunchtime, where children feel rushed and don’t get the chance to sit with their friends, can have a detrimental impact on their safety and behaviour. This can lead to vulnerable children being excluded, not wanting to eat their dinner and becoming distracted in afternoon lessons.

Recipe for Change helps preserve these valuable social occasions and creates a restaurant style lunchtime for schools that help improve safety and behaviour as well as motivating young people to sit and eat together.


  • I will share in conversation and make sure everyone on my table has a chance to have their say.
  • I will wait for my friends to finish their dinner and leave the dining room together.
  • If I am eating a packed lunch, I will wait for my friends on my table to get their school dinner before starting to eat.


  • I will listen to adults and always do what they ask me to do.
  • I will speak nicely and use kind words when I talk to my friends and adults.
  • I will always say please and thank you.
  • I will pick up any waste food on the table or under the table before leaving the dining room.


  • I will eat food slowly which helps my tummy to digest it properly.
  • I will use my knife and fork correctly. No lollypop eating with my fork.
  • I will talk to an adult if I see anything unsafe in the playground.

"Staff have more time to engage with the children."
"It's inclusive, no one is left out."
"No more rushing in or sneaking in to get early lunch."
"Children ge​t to socialise with their friends."

Quotes from lunchtime leaders....