Sports Premium

Sports Premium Statement 2017-18 - awaiting Governing Body approval. This will be posted to this page as soon as this is ratified.

Swimming Competency Info Sheet

Sports Premium Statement 2014-17

School Vision

At KPJS we believe ‘Education is a gift to be given- without exception’. In our school we strive to enable all children to meet their potential; we want to prepare each and everyone of them to take their place in society as responsible citizens. The targeted and strategic use of the Sports premium grant will support us in achieving our vision.


The Government introduced the Sports Premium Grant after the 2012 Olympic games. This grant is additional to main school funding and seen as a way to help schools address increased sports participation / wellbeing, lifestyle and child obesity. The grant is usually paid direct to schools allowing them to ensure that funding to increase participation.

2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
Total number of pupils on roll year 420 421 418
Amount of Sports Grant 10100 10105 10049

How Money is Spent

2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
Extra Swimming Sessions 4000 5000 6500
Fencing club 551 292 250
Apprentice 5000 5000 -
PE Resources / new equipment 150 351 1000
Sports Coach + training 2000 2000 2000
Wise up activities for pupils,
(outdoor learning)
500 500 2000
Forest School – Outdoor education 2047 1185 2500
Club subsidy 100 100 500
School Journey Subsidy 100 100 250
Playground Equipment - - 1000
Totals 14448 14528 16000

PE and Games at Kenmore Park

Each class is allocated at least two sessions of PE and games each week with the exception of Year 5 pupils who attend a regular swimming session for the full academic year. On top of this the school offers a variety of lunchtime and after school clubs with a sports bias. These include, multisport, football, dodgeball, cricket, Gifted and talented group, fencing, change 4 life, gymnastics, dance. We do participate in local competitions with other schools which include, football tournaments and athletics. We also have very good links with our local secondary school, Park High, who not only support our activities but also allows their pupils to fulfil their GCSE sports leadership programme. We also regularly run a whole school sports today to which parents are invited which allows us to promote healthy schools agenda with every family.

The school is also used by two supplementary schools at the weekend. These children also have access to our sporting facilities.

What has sports premium allowed us to do.

Sports premium has allowed us to have a more strategic approach to PE and Games throughout the school. This has resulted in increased pupil participation and embed high quality provision. It also allows us to have innovative sports provision, e.g. Change4life club, fencing club and karate. This stimulates the interest of pupils. In our change4life club older Year 6 pupils are encouraged to become mentors to the younger pupils and to not only encourage them in the session, but also in the playground.

Previously we have only been able to afford Year 5 pupils to attend swimming lessons for one term. Since the introduction of Sports premium we have been able to increase the number of sessions that pupils attend so that they are able to attend for the full academic year. The impact of this is that many more pupils are achieving the national curriculum standard of 25 metres unaided swimming.


Over 120 pupils take part in additional activities both at lunchtime and after school. Many of these pupils are attractive to the innovative provisos. For example, we have introduced ‘Disco Club’, at lunchtime to encourage active play. The only thing that limits more clubs taking place is the physical space of the school grounds.

encourage team work and co-operation and ensures that our outdoor education requirements are met.

Without Sports premium we could meet the needs of G + T pupils through additional PE / Games sessions.

We are currently investigating if it is possible to team up with some of the private schools in the area so that our pupils may have access to their facilities.

All pupils take part in PE / Games activities and any pupils who have a disability are catered for in those sessions. The schools ethos is very inclusive and the school will provide extra provision for any pupils that need extra support.

PE is mainly taken by specialist staff who are up to date with their current practice through a range of professional training.

Future Plans

  • We would like to increase the number of competitions that we enter
  • We want to increase girls participation in after school clubs
  • We are investigating the possibility of having more parental participation in physical activities to promote well-being.