Curriculum - History

Intent and Impact:


Our history curriculum inspires pupils’ curiosity and fascination about Britain’s past and that of the wider world. Pupils’ will begin to understand the complexity of peoples’ lives, the process of change, the diversity of societies, as well as their own identity and challenges of their time. The children are taught: knowledge about the history of Britain (e.g. WWII) and how it has influenced and been influenced by the wider world; know and understand about significant aspects of the history of the wider world like ancient civilisations and empires, such as The Shang Dynasty, Ancient Egypt and The Mayans; changes in living memory and beyond living memory; learn about the lives of significant people of the past. We also aim to develop historical skills such as: asking perceptive questions, thinking critically, weighing evidence, sifting arguments, developing perspective and judgement. Learning is enhanced by use of fieldwork and educational visits.>


The children’s learning is assessed against criteria that are based on the 2014 National Curriculum statements for History. We use summative assessment to determine children’s understanding and inform teachers planning. This is reviewed by SLT and the subject leader, who also carries out learning walks, quizzes, book scrutiny and lesson observations.