Curriculum - Maths

Intent and Impact:


Children to: become fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics, are able to reason mathematically, and can solve problems by applying their Mathematics. We will provide the children with the tools they need to consistently access all further Maths and achieve a level of Maths Mastery in their educational journey. All of this to be achieved whilst also keeping the staff’s mental health and work/life balance in mind.


The school has a supportive ethos and our approaches support the children in developing their collaborative and independent skills. Children who believe they ‘can’t do it’ have their misconceptions addressed early and consistently through their KS2 journey. Regular and ongoing assessment informs teaching, as well as intervention, to support and enable the success of each child. The implementations that we have cemented into our daily practice has started bearing fruit as the year groups who have had these interventions are now finishing KS2 and had a greater understanding of Maths than the previous year groups before them. These factors ensure that we are able to maintain high standards, with achievement at the end of KS2 well above the national average.