Our Head and Deputy Teachers

Mr M Baumring

Head Teacher

Mr S Murji

Deputy Head Teacher/EAL/CPD/FLLN

Our Staff

Role Name
Year 3 Teacher & Team leader D Mitchell
Year 3 Teacher A Akhtar
Year 3 Teacher G Thomas
Year 3 Teacher S Campbell
Year 3 Teacher D Conroy
Year 3 Support Teacher S Lazarus
Year 4 Teacher & Team Leader H Johnstone
Year 4 Teacher Z Dorricott
Year 4 Teacher C Fraser
Year 4 Teacher C Mudure
Year 4 Support Teacher I Birmingham
Year 5 Teacher & Team Leader R Thomas
Year 5 Teacher R Patel
Year 5 Teacher N Reilly
Year 5 Support Teacher G Crossland
Year 6 Team Leader and Teacher L Pope
Year 6 Teacher D Maran
Year 6 Teacher N Patadia
Year 6 Support Teacher S Ahmadi
Year 6 Support Teacher E Thakrar
Year 6 Support Teacher H Worthington
Music Teacher S Nagle
Sports Coach L Kelly
T.A. J Pansuria
T.A. N Lakhani
T.A. N Shankar
T.A. G Thompson
T.A. J Malde
T.A. K Hogge
T.A. S Poultney
T.A. J Grace
T.A. A Nazari.
T.A. J Lall
T.A. S Sooken
T.A./Welfare J Curley
Pastoral Manager J Mason
SENCO/Inclusion F Maloney
Finance Officer L McGuinness
Data Manager L Wooldridge
Admin Assistant C King
Office Apprentice E Beckett
Welfare E Davey
Site Supervisor A Bebbington
Assistant Site Supervisor S Siddiqui
SMSA J Jacobs
SMSA L Kastrati
SMSA U Kirpalani
SMSA L Murray
SMSA E Pasha
Lead SMSA A Semanaj
Cleaner D Rabadia
Cleaner H Patel
Cleaner T Romantsora
Cleaner K Varsani