Survey Results

Parent's Survey Results

Dear Parents, we are incredibly pleased to share the Parent Survey results with you. Thank you ever so much for your very positive replies.

The job of educating your children is made so much easier with your support. Whilst we do not claim to get it right all the time, I hope you agree that the results show the school, pupils and parents work well in getting it right the overwhelming majority of the time.

The school also wants to thank you for coping so well with the fast changing rules during lockdowns and covid outbreaks.

Please do contact us if you have any queries.

Pupil's Survey Results

KPJS priorisited pupil wellbeing, including health and mental wellbeing and we are pleased this has been met with such a high positive response.

We work with a wide range of experts, advisors, inspectors and external consultants to ensure we are improving in areas that they, the pupils and parents identify; from educational to safeguarding issues. Kenmore Park is pleased to see the results of this work in the pupils' responses.